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MYIR Introduced Cost-effective MYC-C7Z010/007S CPU Module

2018-3-20   2:23:51     Click: 1624

Shenzhen, China - March 20, 2018 - MYIR introduced a cost-effective CPU Module MYC-C7Z010/007S powered by Xilinx XC7Z007S (Zynq-7007S) or XC7Z010 ( Zynq-7010) SoC device. It is an industrial-grade System-on-Module which is capable of running Linux and targets industrial application such as Industrial Ethernet, machine vision, PLC/HMI and etc.


The MYC-C7Z010/007S CPU Module integrates 512MB DDR3 SDRAM, 4GB eMMC, 16MB quad SPI Flash, a Gigabit Ethernet PHY and external watchdog on board and provides 1.27mm 180-pin stamp-hole (Castellated-Hole) expansion interface to allow a large number of I/O signals for ARM peripherals and FPGA I/Os to be extended to your base board, which also obtains the high-performance ability in shock resistance meanwhile. 


MYC-Y7Z010/007S CPU Module

MYIR also offers a development board MYD-Y7Z010/007S which is built around the MYC-Y7Z010/007S CPU Module with a base board to bring a rich set of peripherals and interfaces through headers and connectors including RS232, RS485, USB Host, three Gigabit Ethernet ports, CAN, TF card slot, JTAG as well as one 2.54mm pitch 2 x 25-pin expansion header to let more GPIOs available for further extension. Moreover, MYIR offers an optional expansion board MYD-Y7Z010/007S IO Cape to connect to this expansion header to extend many peripherals and signals like HDMI, LCD, camera and Pmod to help user explore more functions. 


MYD-Y7Z010/007S Development Board

                       MYD-Y7Z010/007S IO Cape                                                  IO Cape connect with MYD-Y7Z010/007S 

Now the board with XC7Z010 version is available now, the MYC-Y7Z010 is pricing at USD85/pc and the MYD-Y7Z010 is USD209/pc. You can get more information about the products at:

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