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Next-Generation AM62x CPU for Embedded Solutions

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Combining MYIR's MYC-YM62X CPU Module and MYD-YM62X Development Board, here we share with you TI's new generation CPU - AM62x used for embedded solutions. Compared with the popular AM335x series processors, the AM62x has made great improvement in process, peripherals, performance and other aspects.

MYD-YM62X Development Board

1. AM62x processor

The low-cost AM62x Sitara MPU family of application processors are built for Linux application development. With scalable Arm Cortex-A53 performance and embedded features, such as: dual-display support and 3D graphics acceleration, along with an extensive set of peripherals such as dual TSN-enabled Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB, MMC/SD, Camera interface, OSPI, CAN-FD and GPMC for parallel host interface to an external ASIC/FPGA that make the AM62x device well-suited for a broad range of industrial and automotive applications while offering intelligent features and optimized power architecture as well. AM62x Sitara processors are industrial-grade in the 13 x 13 mm package (ALW) and can meet the AEC - Q100 automotive standard in the 17.2 x 17.2 mm package (AMC). I Industrial and Automotive functional safety requirements can be addressed using the integrated Cortex-M4F cores and dedicated peripherals, which can all be isolated from the rest of the AM62x processor.

Some of these applications include:

• Industrial HMI

• EV charging stations

• Touchless building access

• Driver monitoring systems

Products in the AM62x processor family:

• AM625 – Human-machine Interaction SoC with Arm® Cortex®-A53 based edge AI and full-HD dual-display

• AM625-Q1 – Automotive Display SoC with embedded safety for digital clusters

• AM623 – Internet of Thinks (IoT) and Gateway SoC with Arm® Cortex®-A53 based object and gesture recognition

• AM620-Q1 – Automotive Compute SoC with embedded safety for driver monitoring, networking and V2X systems

Highlights of AM62x processor:

- Up to Quad 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 up to 1.4GHz (up to 16.8K DMIPS)

- Single-core Arm Cortex-M4F MCU at up to 400MHz and Dual-core 333MHz PRU

- 3D GPU graphics accelerator (only for AM625 processors)

- 1x General-Purpose Memory Controller (GPMC) up to 133 MHz

- Supports -40°C to +85°C Industrial-grade working temperature

AM62x Devices Comparison

AM62x Block Diagram

2. MYIR’s MYC-YM62X CPU Module based on AM62x Processors

MYIRs MYC-YM62X CPU Module is using the 13 x 13mm (ALW) package AM62x processors. MYIR offers pin-compatible CPU Modules for three different AM62x processors: AM6231, AM6252 and AM6254, primarily to meet the diverse needs of various customers.

MYC-YM62X CPU Module (MYC-YM6231 / MYC-YM6252 / MYC-YM6254)

The CPU Modules feature a high-density, high-speed circuit board design with dimensions of 43mm by 45mm. They integrate DDR4, eMMC, EEPROM and PMIC. A variety of peripheral and IO signals are accessible via the 1.0 mm pitch 164-pin Castellated-Hole and 58-pin LGA Expansion Interfaces.

The interface design has many advantages besides being cost-effective:

1. Strong shock resistance

2. No need for additional connectors

3. Convenient for mass production and batch soldering

4. Conducive to cost reduction

5. Resistant to signal interference, dust-proof

6. Compact package, occupies less space on the motherboard

The MYC-YM62X CPU Module has passed various tests, including EMC test, high-low temperature test, aging test, signal quality test, the static test, stress test, etc.

3. MYIRs MYD-YM62X Development Board

The MYD-YM62X Development Board is built around the MYC-YM62X CPU Module to serve as a complete development platform for evaluation or prototype purposes. Its base board provides rich communication interfaces such as dual RS485, dual CAN, dual Gigabit Ethernet, dual USB Host and one OTG, one USB based 5G/4G module interface, one WiFi/BT module and one GPMC external memory bus. The board has also explored advanced multi-media capabilities of AM62x to support dual LVDS display, audio and camera as well as HDMI display support via a RGB conversion chip.

MYD-YM62X Development Board (Top-view)

MYD-YM62X Development Board (Bottom-view)

Features of MYD-YM62X Development Board

Mechanical Parameters

  • Dimensions: 170mm x 125mm (base board), 43mm x 45mm (CPU Module)
  • PCB Layers: 6-layer design (base board), 10-layer design (CPU Module)
  • Supply voltage: 12V/2A (base board), 5V/1A (CPU Moudule)
  • Working temperature: -40~85 Celsius (industrial grade)

The MYD-YM62X Controller Board (MYC-YM62X CPU Module)


  • TI AM62x processor (AM6254/AM6252/AM6231)
    - TI AM6254: 4*Cortex-A53@1.4GHz + Cortex-M4F@400MHz (AM6254ATCGGAALW)
    - TI AM6252: 2*Cortex-A53@1.4GHz + Cortex-M4F@400MHz (AM6252ATCGGAALW)
    - TI AM6231: 1*Cortex-A53@1.0GHz + Cortex-M4F@400MHz (AM6231ASGGGAALW)
    - Two PRU-SS running up to 333MHz
    - 3D GPU graphics accelerator (only for AM625 processors)


  • 1GB/2GB DDR4 (supports up to 4GB)
  • 8GB eMMC (supports up to 128GB)

Peripherals and Signals Routed to Pins

  • Power Management IC (TPS6521901)
  • 1.0mm pitch 164-pin Castellated-Hole and 58-pin LGA Expansion Interfaces
    - 2 x RGMII
    - 2 x USB2.0
    - 9 x UART
    - 3 x CAN FD
    - 6 x I2C
    - 5 x SPI
    - 1 x GPMC
    - 2 x LVDS
    - 1 x RGB
    - 1 x MIPI-CSI
    - 3 x MCASP
    - 1 x JATG
    - Up to 143 x GPIOs

Note: the peripheral signals brought out to the expansion interface are listed in maximum number. Some signals are reused. Please refer to the processor datasheet and CPU Module pin-out description file.

The MYD-YM62X Base Board

  • 1 x Power Jack
  • 1 x Power Switch
  • Serial ports
    - 1 x Debug Interface (3-pin male header, for Cortex-M4F MCU)
    - 1 x USB UART port (for Cortex-A53 MPU)
    - 1 x RS485 serial port (with isolation)
  • USB
    - 2 x USB2.0 Host ports
    - 1 x USB2.0 OTG port
    - 1 x M.2 socket for USB based 4G/5G LTE Module
  • 2 x SIM card slots
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • 1 x WiFi/Bluetooth Module
  • 2 x CAN FD interfaces (with isolation)
  • 2 x Boot Switches
  • 1 x Dual-channel LVDS display interface (30-pin 2.0mm pitch header connector)
  • 2 x Single-channel LVDS display interfaces (40-pin 0.5mm pitch FPC connector)
  • 1 x HDMI interface
  • 1 x MIPI-CSI Camera Interface (24-pin 0.5mm pitch FPC connector)
  • 1 x Audio Input/Output Interface
  • 1 X JTAG interface
  • 1 x GPMC (30-pin expansion male header)
  • 1 x Micro SD card slot
  • 3 x Buttons (two for RESET and one for USER)
  • 1 x External antenna connector (for 4G LTE module)

Both TI and MYIR have provided corresponding development guides and demo software for customer reference. Additionally, there are accompanying resources such as SDKs, various development and debugging tools, and application development routines.

MYIR has also offered tutorial materials for beginners including:

- Software and Hardware Development Environment Setup

- Building the Development Board Image using the SDK

- Flashing the System Image

- Configurations for various components like U-boot, Kernel, etc.

- Setting up Makefile, Qt, and other applications

The AM62x series processor is TI's latest generation star CPU, designed to seamlessly succeed the previous AM335x. It boasts enhanced performance, making your applications operate effortlessly.

If you are considering AM62x solutions, please have a look at MYIR
s MYC-YM62X embedded SOM:

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