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Part No. Item Unit Price Ordering

Part No. has "-I" suffix indicates industrial version.
Part No. has "-C" suffix indicates commercial version.

256N512D indicates 512MB RAM, 256MB Nand Flash
4E1D indicates 1GB RAM, 4GB eMMC

Development Board
Xilinx Series
MYD-C7Z010-4E1D-667-C MYD-C7Z010 Development Board USD309
MYD-C7Z010-4E1D-667-I MYD-C7Z010 Development Board USD329
MYD-C7Z020-4E1D-667-C MYD-C7Z020 Development Board USD329
MYD-C7Z020-4E1D-667-I MYD-C7Z020 Development Board USD359
MYD-C7Z015-4E1D-667-C MYD-C7Z015 Development Board USD369
Atmel Series
MYD-JA5D27-256N256D-I MYD-JA5D27 Development Board USD129
MYD-JA5D44-512N512D-C MYD-JA5D44 Development Board USD290
MYD-JA5D44-512N512D-I MYD-JA5D44 Development Board USD310
MYD-JA5D44-256N256D-I MYD-JA5D44 Development Board USD279
MYD-JA5D35-256N512D-C MYD-SAMA5D35 Development Board USD290
MYD-JA5D35-256N512D-I MYD-SAMA5D35 Development Board USD310
MYD-JA5D36-256N512D-C MYD-SAMA5D36 Development Board USD290
MYD-JA5D36-256N256D-I MYD-SAMA5D36 Development Board USD279
MYD-JA5D36-256N512D-I MYD-SAMA5D36 Development Board USD310
MYD-CA5D36-256N256D-I MYD-SAMA5D36-C Development Board USD159
MYD-CA5D36-256N512D-C MYD-SAMA5D36-C Development Board USD179
MYD-CA5D36-256N512D-I MYD-SAMA5D36-C Development Board USD199
MYD-J9G35-256N128D-C MYD-SAM9G35 Development Board USD220
MYD-J9X35-256N128D-C MYD-SAM9X25 Development Board USD220
MYD-J9X35-256N128D-I MYD-SAM9X35 Development Board USD220
MYD-J9X25-256N128D-I MYD-SAM9X5 Development Board USD240
MYD-C9X25-256N128D-C MYD-SAM9X25-V2 Development Board USD239
MYD-C9X25-256N128D-I MYD-SAM9X35-V2 Development Board USD259
MYD-C9X35-256N128D-I MYD-SAM9X35-V2 Development Board USD259
TI Series
MYD-C4378-4E512D-100-C MYD-C4378 Development Board USD169
MYD-C4378-4E512D-100-I MYD-C4378 Development Board USD189
MYD-C4377-PRU-4E512D-100-I MYD-C4377 Development Board USD189
MYD-C3352-512N512D-80-C MYD-AM3352 Development Board
MYD-C3358-512N512D-100-C MYD-AM3358 Development Board USD139
MYD-C3352-512N512D-80-I MYD-AM3352 Development Board USD159
MYD-C3358-512N512D-100-I MYD-AM3358 Development Board USD159
MYD-C3352-256N256D-80-I MYD-AM3352 Development Board USD139
MYD-C3358-256N256D-100-I MYD-AM3358 Development Board USD139
MYD-Y3352-256N256D-80-I MYD-AM3352-Y Development Board USD139
MYD-Y3358-256N256D-100-I MYD-AM3358-Y Development Board USD139
MYD-J3352-256N256D-80-I MYD-AM3352-J Development Board USD139
MYD-J3358-256N256D-100-I MYD-AM3358-J Development Board USD139
NXP Series
MYD-C283-256N128D-I MYD-IMX283 Development Board USD99

MYD-IMX287 Development Board

MYS-1788-16N32D-C MYD-LPC1788 Development Board USD150
CPU Modules
Xilinx Series
MYC-C7Z010-4E1D-667-C MYC-C7Z010 CPU Module USD139
MYC-C7Z010-4E1D-667-I MYC-C7Z010 CPU Module USD159
MYC-C7Z020-4E1D-667-C MYC-C7Z020 CPU Module USD159
MYC-C7Z020-4E1D-667-I MYC-C7Z020 CPU Module USD189
MYC-C7Z015-4E1D-667-C MYC-C7Z015 CPU Module USD189
NXP (freescale series)
MYC-C283-256N128D-I MYC-IMX283 CPU Module USD39
MYC-C287-256N128D-I MYC-IMX287 CPU Module USD39
TI Series
MYC-C4378-4E512D-100-C MYC-C4378 CPU Module USD85
MYC-C4378-4E512D-100-I MYC-C4378 CPU Module USD105
MYC-C4377-4E512D-100-I MYC-C4377 CPU Module USD105
MYC-C3352-512N512D-80-C MYC-AM3352 CPU Module USD68

MYC-AM3358 CPU Module

MYC-C3352-512N512D-80-I MYC-AM3352 CPU Module USD88

MYC-AM3358 CPU Module

MYC-C3352-256N256D-80-I MYC-AM3352 CPU Module USD68

MYC-AM3358 CPU Module


MCC-AM3352-Y CPU Module

MYC-Y3358-256N256D-100-I MCC-AM3358-Y CPU Module USD68
MYC-J3352-256N256D-80-I MCC-AM3352-J CPU Module USD68

MCC-AM3358-J CPU Module

Atmel Series
MYC-JA5D27-256N256D-I MYC-JA5D27 CPU Module USD49
MYC-JA5D44-512N512D-C MYC-JA5D44 CPU Module USD95
MYC-JA5D44-512N512D-I MYC-JA5D44 CPU Module USD115
MYC-JA5D44-256N256D-I MYC-JA5D44 CPU Module USD85
MYC-JA5D35-256N512D-C MYC-SAMA5D35 CPU Module USD95
MYC-JA5D35-256N512D-I MYC-SAMA5D35 CPU Module USD115
MYC-JA5D36-256N512D-C MYC-SAMA5D36 CPU Module USD95
MYC-JA5D36-256N512D-I MYC-SAMA5D36 CPU Module USD115
MYC-JA5D36-256N256D-I MYC-SAMA5D36 CPU Module USD85
MYC-CA5D36-256N256D-I MCC-SAMA5D36-C CPU Module USD75
MYC-CA5D36-256N512D-C MCC-SAMA5D36-C CPU Module USD90
MYC-CA5D36-256N512D-I MCC-SAMA5D36-C CPU Module USD110
MYC-J9G35-256N128D-C MYC-SAM9G35 CPU Module USD68
MYC-J9X25-256N128D-I MYC-SAM9X25 CPU Module USD88
MYC-J9X35-256N128D-C MYC-SAM9X35 CPU Module USD68
MYC-J9X35-256N128D-I MYC-SAM9X5 CPU Module USD88
MYC-C9X25-256N128D-C MYC-SAM9X25-V2 CPU Module USD68
MYC-C9X35-256N128D-C MYC-SAM9X35-V2 CPU Module USD88
MYC-C9X25-256N128D-I MYC-SAM9X5-V2 CPU Module USD88
Single Board Computer
NXP Series
MYS-6ULX-IND MYS-6ULX-IND Single Board Computer USD26.8
MYS-6ULX-IOT MYS-6ULX-IOT Single Board Computer USD24.8
TI Series
MYS-4378-100-C-S Rico Board USD99
MYS-4378-100-C Rico Kit USD139
Xilinx Series
MYS-7Z010-C-S Z-turn Board for Xilinx Zynq-7010 USD99
MYS-7Z010-C Z-turn Kit for Xilinx Zynq-7010 USD139
MYS-7Z020-C-S Z-turn Board for Xilinx Zynq-7020 USD119
MYS-7Z020-C Z-turn Kit for Xilinx Zynq-7020 USD159
Atmel Series
MYS-9X35-256N128D-I MYS-SAM9X35 Single Board Computer USD125
MY-CAPE001 IO extension board for Z-turn board USD35
MY-TFT043RV2 MY-LCD43TP 4.3-inch LCD Module
with Resistive Touch Screen
MY-TFT070RV1/MY-TFT070RV2 MY-LCD70TP 7-inch LCD Module
with Resistive Touch Screen
MY-TFT070CV2 MY-LCD70TP-C 7-inch LCD Module
with Capacitive Touch Screen
MY-SODIMM200 - One 1.8v DDR2 SODIMM 200-pin socket USD5
MY-CAM002U - One USB Digital Camera module USD29
MY-CAM011B - One BUS Camera module USD29
MY-GPS008C - One GPS module USD49
MY-GPRS007C - One GPRS module USD49
MY-WF004S - One SDIO WiFi module USD30
MY-WF003U - One USB WiFi module USD25
MY-UART012U - USB-to-UART Converter for Rico board USD25  
MY-ZB010C-S MOQ: 3pcs USD9.99  
Qty>=10pcs, free shipping USD9.99

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